Valve solutions for Liquid Tank Storage

Multi-Product Manifolds

GENERAL VALVE* Twin Seal* positive shut-off, double block-and-bleed plug valve was developed specifically for busy multi-product manifolds. Today, refined products that move through pipeline manifolds are reliably segregated by zero-leakage† GENERAL VALVE Twin Seal plug valves that have a proven in-field track record. In manifold applications, these valves provide double blockand-bleed shutoff that proves total isolation of each product. GENERAL VALVE Twin Seal plug valves have been employed to avoid cross-contamination for a variety of process fluids, including: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, heating oil and LPG, as well as crude oil and natural gas

† Per API 6D 11.4.3 acceptance criteria

Metering Skids

GENERAL VALVE* Four-way diverter valves feature no-leak stream separation and a long seal life. These valves do not rely on line pressure for positive sealing. Additionally, the ability to perform maintenance on the valve in-line cuts operating costs and downtime

Custody Transfer

GENERAL VALVE*Twin Seal* plug valves can be quickly and locally verified to be holding a leak-tight seal to help ensure accurate meter calibration

Loading and Unloading

GENERAL VALVE*Twin Seal* valves employ two resilient seals that fully retract from their seated position without any seal rubbing, even at full differential pressure, reducing the effort required to operate the valve and making it slam-proof

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